Jin ????????

Jin ????????

Taehyung’s BBUING BBUING BBUING BBUING for anonymous

Anonymous: Can you make a gif one V's puing puing? That start 10:24, I think. I just can't get over to it. Hahahahahaha, Taetae is so cuteeeee. Thank :)

Ah, sure! gimme a few minutes haha

you know bbuing bbuing?

 shirtless hoseok… GOODBYE

shirtless hoseok… GOODBYE

squishchiee: Annyeongggg! <3 Can I ask? Do you have a full episode 2 of BTS American Hustle Life. Link pleaseeeeeee. Thankyouuuuu:* :)))))))))))))))))))))

hello! here you go

parkedjimin: Omg those messages were so stupid. So what you couldn't afford a doll, neither could I, but I'm not going to hate on someone because they could buy at least one. Wth go do something with your life instead of whining about not having one and bitching at someone who has 3.

yessss!!!! that’s what i don’t understand like why would you take time out of your lives to send asks like those to people when you could do something productive

j-hope and jimin’s strategy meeting for the cooking competition

Anonymous: I don't know why those people are hating on you. I'm glad that you got to purchase the dolls you wanted :-) I also wanted to buy the Suga doll but I was too late for it :P

aw, you should keep checking the mwave website! since some people’s dolls would be cancelled if they didn’t go through with the shipping fees. I hope you get a Suga doll somehow!

Anonymous: please ignore those stupid people sending you mean asks. some armys are just really immature and i think those sending you mean stuff are just jealous because they haven't seen bangtan yet and bc they can't afford the dolls. that's not a reason to send someone hate for though like you worked really hard to be able to do all of this oh god im sorry you have to deal with these immature kids...

It’s okay! I don’t really take any of the mean messages to heart because they’re all just hiding behind computers typing all that to me. It doesn’t really bother me at all but it’s kinda annoying and tiring seeing people repeat the same thing over and over again. i love you anon

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